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Hi! I’m Loise, the girl behind this travel journal 

I am a Filipina graduated as an Engineer major in Electronics to be exact who recently loves to travel and connect with every places in the World. Since then, during my College days I was drawn into starting a blog while the foremost reason is because I tend to enjoy creating website and designing it, as well as creating content. I was so noob back then, just writing there and that without any niche until I got too busy that ended up closing my blog.

Now that I have a corporate job and most likely capable of doing something I love, I just made my greatest decision to create this little root of my future, LITTLEMISSENGINEER.

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LITTLE MISS ENGINEER is a new blog focusing about travels. This blog’s goal is to share helpful content about different tourist attractions and travel guides mainly in the Philippines and Asian Countries but been targeting to share some off the beaten path in the World soon.

With hopes that if someone knocks on google asking for some information about the place they’ve been wanting to visit, this little site will pop up and provides with helpful content they want.

This site also aims to help aspiring travel bloggers who wants to launch their own website. With the resources that helped this blog also, the owner targets to share these trusted blogging resources such as courses, e-books, tools and etc, and to help young men and women to not get overwhelmed with their upcoming blogging tasks.

Why I named it Little Miss Engineer?

The website owner is an Engineer and they are born to solve problems. But let me give you a bit of a twist, instead of solving technical electronic circuits, the site’s goal is to solve your problems for your travel needs. And more of a deeper problem, let this blog help you set up your dream of becoming a travel blogger, sounds good?

Why I started blogging?

As I told you above, I was drawn into blogging since then but I was too noob to run it. But here comes the time I was invited by friends to travel and quickly becomes interested in traveling and go to some places. As if I found my other self through traveling, then I was captivated into creating my own travel journeys and itineraries in accordance to the pacing that I want.

Just one day, it click! Why waste my efforts in creating this travel guides I have experience myself and share it to the world? Besides I’ve been itching to create my own website and then this travel content makes my blog structure complete. And ta-da! Here I am now, serving you this not-so popular tips, guides and hacks in my travel. But no worries, since you’ve been reading this, I know it’s getting significant now and on the way to being successful.

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Send me a flip and message here  in Contact Page or e-mail me directly thru loise@littlemissengineer.com

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