Welcome to my Little Space!

Welcome to my Little Space!

This site is a personal travel blog created to share my little journeys in discovering awesome places in Asia.

I thoroughly escape from my busy life as an Engineer to explore multiple places, embrace the nature and experience different culture.

Tag along and join me in this infinite journey I dreamt of!


Are you up to Travel in Asia?

Asia is the largest continent around the globe. This is one of the compelling reasons why you should include Asia in your travel bucket list.

This beautiful continent is composed of multiple countries with booming tourism and what more is you can travel this with a low budget but worthy experience. Isn’t that a good deal?

So if you are up for some game called “Traveling”, then you are on the right track. And that’s because I share exemplary travel guides that is more meaningful for your future travels to Asia. Finally, never miss the different tourist spots in nature luxurious countries in the World!

Want more details about Asia travels?

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Experience Unique Hotels and Staycations

Staycation is getting immensely popular right now to several travelers. Just having a quick getaway in a serene or private place is very ideal today.

A lot of unique rentals and stays are emerging just to get notice by this frequent travelers. May it be solo, couple or family, everyone can fit in this type of setting.

I have been strolling around the web just to get a glimpse of what my future staycation could be. And my goal is to find unique and beautiful places to relax with.

So if you want to discover more of this places. I have them prepared for you. But if you have a suggested place, this site is very open and you can collab with me to get them featured here!

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