Welcome to my Little Space!

Welcome to my Little Space!

Join me on my little journeys in discovering awesome places on Asia. And Much more in exploring the beauty of the Philippine Islands.

Tag along as I gave you my best travel tips, photography hacks and detailed guide to make your travel more exciting!


Are you up for Traveling to Asia?

Asia is the largest continent around the globe. This is one of the compelling reasons why you should include Asia in your travel bucket list.

This beautiful continent is composed of multiple countries with booming tourism and what more is you can travel this with a low budget but worthy experience. Isn’t that a good deal?

So if you are up for some game called “Traveling”, then you are on the right track. And that’s because I share exemplary and comprehensive travel guides in Asia. Don’t you ever miss the different tourist spots in nature luxurious countries in the World!

What more can you expect in my little blog?

  • Exciting and full of wonders Tourist Spots in Asia
  • Discover the Best Asian Countries to Visit in Asia!
  • Travel Guides and Sample Itineraries with a Budget breakdown
  • Travel tips and more!
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Explore Philippine Islands

Philippines is one of that little country in Asia Pacific but is composed of 7000+ Islands, can you imagine that? Just one country but has a lot of beautiful and unique islands to choose from! And most likely why it is featured here is because this is my home country.

But I’m sure there are a lot more to discover in this Island of the Philippines that this Travel Blog is yet to discover.

Just how I share my experiences in this land, this should also be your chance to experience majestic and beautiful tourists destination in the Philippine Islands that I am very sure you’ll not regret! And I am not bluffing, promise!

So if you are convinced enough, because I know you are! Then it’s time for you to check our comprehensive Philippine Travel Guides, Top things to do in the Philippines, the best beaches in the Philippines, and many more!

Explore Philippine Island here!
Amazing Sail Boats in Boracay

Are you an Aspiring Travel Blogger?

Getting tired of your daily corporate job? Or you just want to do some extra and still want to work full time. Then it happens that you love and enjoy traveling, just one day, it clicks and you want to share your travel journey. Why not? The same thing just happens to this little woman behind the blog. And it’s actually too much for me to handle everything from starting my own blog. But definitely not for you(I promise!), with all the several resources online, I happen to be here to help you get organized from planning to launching and maintaining your travel blog. Here’s what you’ll get from me:

  • Trusted blogging resources that helped me hone my site’s full potential (or current tools I am using right now, yes! in this very second of your time, that’s helping me step up my game into blogging) – FREE & PAID Resources
  • My personal travel blogging tips. You can hop and join me on my blogging journey as I progress to be a professional blogger. Because, I, being honest with you, cannot consider my self successful yet. Which is why I am inviting you to join me in my learnings, isn’t it better if you have a blogging buddy? Not kidding, you can go and reach out to me here.
  • And more blogging tips you’ll want to know! *I don’t want to spoil!!*
Yes, I Want to Start a Travel BLog!